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Review: Krista Huot’s “Nepenthe @ Gallery 1988 SF

Over the weekend I check out a couple of shows in San Francisco, one of which was Kista Huot’s solo show “Nepenthe” at Gallery 1988. I wanted to see the work in person like I always do, andI had a feeling that Krista’s work looked different in person. Her colors are far more vibrant in real life, and you can really get close to see all of the drybrushing found throughout her work. She also varnishes each painting so photos often wash out the painting, and doesn’t show the gloss that is achieved. Krista was there for the reception, so I was able to talk with her a bit about her work, materials and inspirations. I won’t go too into detail as I will have an interview on the site with Krista in the coming weeks. So hit the more link and see more images, and a little bit of what Krista had to say.


One of the things that I learned, was that Krista is very aware of the materials she uses. She is passionate about using sustainable surfaces to paint on and also requested that the print sold at the show was done on Bamboo paper. It looks amazing by the way. All of her work is made with acrylics anyway, so there is a good chance she isn’t using any toxic chemicals. Looking at her color palette, I don’t think she is using any cadmiums, cobalts or likewise. We also talked a bit about her influences, such as Golden Books, Eyvind Earle, Mary Blair and more. I was really happy with all of the work in the show. Each painting is made with the same level of detail and attention, the frames were a perfect match and Krista was a pleasure to talk to. If your in the area, make sure you stop by and see the work in person.

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