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Review: Sylvia Ji @ StolenSpace Gallery

Just this past month Sylvia Ji had a solo show in London, and of course I wasn’t able to go to that one no matter how much I would have wanted to. Emma Mount attended the reception, and I was able to get some pictures and a little write-up from her. Thanks Emma!

‘Nectar’ is LA artist Sylvia Ji’s first show in the UK running 03.09.09 – 27.09.09

Stolen Space Gallery is sited in the Brick Lane area of London, a vibrant East End hub of fashion and art, the area has an eclectic mix of many curry houses (thanks to its Bangladeshi community) alongside vintage bric-a-brac and retro clothing stores.

I have long been a fan of Sylvia Ji, and not sure I would ever get to see her paintings first hand I was full of anticipation. After a couple of wrong turns in which we discovered some outstanding graffiti, we finally happened upon this tucked away gallery. The gallery is a very basic small open white space, but as such all the better for being able to take in all these works in one glorious view on entering, and we felt we’d found the Holy Grail.

Overall on viewing the room the big gold frames and bold areas of ambers and reds in the paintings lent a kind of autumnal feel, making me think of harvests and sunsets. Up close to the pieces I especially loved the eyes, face, skin of each one, these areas in particular seemed lovingly worked on till almost coming to life, and the use of gold leaf was a beautiful touch.

These works are just beautiful, simple as that. Each female character draws you in and holds you in her gaze, some seem defiant in their stare, some alluring and provocative, all of them totally bewitching. Flowers, birds and bugs add to the somewhat otherworldly mystery, ‘Nectar’ the show’s title is the perfect way to describe these autumnal goddesses attracting natures little creatures, as well as us the viewer, like a moth to the flame.

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