Shows this Weekend: Angie Mason, Shepard Fairey & Figures and Grounds

Here is the rundown of shows that will be opening this weekend.


Roq La Rue has relaunched their website and has an opening tonight with art by Victor Castillo and Brian Despain. Both artists are outstanding, this is a killer show. The show is online to view and it looks like a majority of the work has sold out.

Wayne Martin Belger has a show opening up at the Device Gallery in L.A. Check it out here:

“Murky Menagerie” a new show featuring works by Angie Mason opens up at the Rabbit Hole Gallery in Atlanta. The reception is from 7-11pm.

“Duality of Humanity” is a new solo show at the White Walls Gallery in SF with new works by Shepard Fairey. There is a huge amount of work at the show and it is all online to view.

Finally, the show that I am very excited to see (online that is) is “Figures and Grounds”. A group show at the Gallery Nucleus featuring work by Sean Cheetham, Kevin Chen, Mari Inukai, Chi-Kit Kwong, Patrick Leger, Christian Rex Van Minnen, Andrew Robinson, Edwin Ushiro & John Watkiss. The show looks like it will be amazing, this is one impressive list of artists. Wait for it to pop up here:

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