Shows this weekend: ISM, Deep Pop & Chris Anthony

The grand opening of the new ISM Gallery starts at 7pm. There is a massive list of artists that will have some work there: Aaron Kraten, Andrew Hem, Angie Mason, Chet Zar, Dave Chung, Derek Hess, Haubs, Kelly Vivanco, Ken Garduno, Kristian Olson and many more. What a killer show, so many of these artists are Creep favorites. Visit

Then we have the Deep Pop show at the Kenneth Chapman Gallery. It opens the 27th and will feature another massive list of artists. The show is supposed to act as “one of the largest surveys to date of Pop Surrealism etc etc”. Some of the artists I would love to see work from here are: Lori Earley, Ron English, Sarah Joncas, Ben Kehoe, Travis Louie, Jenn Porreca, Keith Weesner and my buddy David Macdowell. Visit

At the Corey Helford Gallery the amazing Chris Anthony will be showing his new works. The show is called “I’m The Most Normal Person I Know”, I love the name and I know the works will be quite amazing. Visit

Finally we have a monster show at the Windup Gallery. Childrens art is reimagined through artists much like the Monster Engine. There are some great shows at the Windup Gallery, but the all flash site drives me away. It detracts from the show and doesn’t make the site very accessible. I think theres a reason many gallery sites are simple. Visit

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