Shows this weekend: “Run Rabbit, Run”, “Haute Epoch” & “Draw”

Here is the list of shows opening up this weekend, looks like it’s going to be one of the busy ones.

Double Punch will open “The Right Place”, a group show featuring new works by Kelly Tunstall, Scott Barry, Ryan Bubnis & Alexei Vella.

Rotofugi will host “Flower Parade”, a duo show featuring new works by Jeremiah Ketner and Julie West

Thinkspace Gallery will be opening “Run Rabbit, Run” the latest solo show of Brandi Milne. Also in the project room will be “trouble, clearly” by Cherri Wood and “BLOOD & STEEL” by Alex Garcia. I love Brandi’s new work.

Roq La Rue will be debuting two new shows, “Hiding Out” by Nathan Ota and “The Casual Calamity” by Anthony Pontius.

Gallery Nucleus opens up Grafuck 4 art exhibit and book release.

Black Maria Gallery will be opening “Spring Bazaar”, featuring new works by Juri Ueda, Jamie Fales, Julie Nishioka, Jenna Colby & Tsai-fi. One the project wall will be new works by Saratoga Sake.

Distinction Art will open “Tractus Secretum”, the latest solo exhibition of Aaron Jasinski.

Lebasse Projects will open “Future Perfect” from Tessar Lo & “Lost In Light” from Eric Fortune. The new works from Eric are amazing.

Corey Helford Gallery is opening “Haute Epoch”, the latest solo show of Sylvia Ji. Two limited edition prints will be available at the show.

Shooting Gallery will open “Draw”, a group show curated by Erik Foss and Curse Mackey and featuring work by Adam Wallacavage, Alex Grey, Ben Tolman, Bob Tyrrell, Clive Barker, Colin Christian, D*Face, Dalek, David Hochbaum, David Choong Lee, David Stoupakis, Derek Hess, Eric White, Fred Harper, Gary Baseman, Gibby Haynes, Glenn Barr, Guy Aitchison, HR Giger, Jad Fair, Jason D’Aquino, Jeff McMillan, Joey Remmers, John John Jesse, Jonathan LeVine, Jonathan Weiner, Katy Horan, Kelly Tunstall, Kevin Llewellyn, Kim Saigh, KRK Ryden/Mark Mothersbaugh, Mark Dean Veca, Michael Hussar, Mike Giant, Mike Maxwell, Paper Monster, Paul Chatem, Richard Colman, Richard Serra, Ron English, Sam Flores, Scott Campbell, Shepard Fairey and daughter Vivienne, Tara McPherson, Tim Biskup, Travis Louie, Van Arno, Vincent Castiglia and many many more.

White Walls right next door will have “Waiting For Ararat”, with new works from Caleb Neelon and Mike Shine. Then right upstairs at the Gallery Three, will be “Winner Warz” Solo Exhibit and Installation by Adam Flores

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