“Sideshow” now up at T&P Fine Art

Sideshow is a group show of art by musicians and music-inspired art. The show opened on January 2nd, but it is online right now to view. The show features work by Dan Smith, Drew, Roulette, Ed Trask, Forrest Kline, Heather Gabel, Horsebites, Invisible Creature, Jason Cruz, Joby J. Ford, Jon Langford, Jonah Matranga, Jordan Buckley, Jordan Pundik, Kevin Hearn, Matt Skiba, Mike Ski, Porter McKnight, Rick Farr, Rick Schaier, Ricky Powell, Ryan Russell, Ryan Wombacher, Sergie Loobkoff, Shawn Harris, Sons of Nero, Steven Cerio, Tim Fite, Trevor Friedrich, Wes Borland and Shepard Fairey.


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    Frank Zweegers
    Oct 11, 2012 at 7:44 am

    Nice, really like music inspired art :)

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