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Steven Daily’s “Covenant” @ La Luz de Jesus Gallery

On January 7th, La Luz de Jesus opened four solo shows, one of which was Steven Daily’s “Covenant”. Apricot Mantle stopped by the show, took some photos and was nice enough to write a review for the Creep. Take it away Apricot.

If you have been following Art sites such as Arrested Motion and Daily duJour you have probably already read or seen the posts speaking of LA. Pop-surrealist Artist, Steven Daily’s latest body of work entitled ‘Covenant’. Steven’s new acrylic paintings depicting the ever so intriguing, shroud all that surrounds the dark world of the Freemasons. So I probably don’t need to bore you with more wordy details of artist statements and the like. Instead I would like to bore you with my first hand experience of going to La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood, CA the very night of the opening!

I arrive with my wife at approximately 9:00 pm to an ever so bustling gallery that is none other than La Luz de Jesus. If you have ever been there before you know that they also go by the name of WACKO Soap plant, something that is always a tremendously fun shopping trip/gallery experience. As you walk into the front door you pass by aisle after aisle of artbooks, magazines, vinyl toys, and more hard to find rare oddites than you could imagine. On our way to the back you I noticed that the crowd of people started to get thicker and thicker (ah now we are getting somewhere). This is where you transcend the store and walk… I mean scoot into a gallery though the thick forest of bodies. You see many paintings that you can tell were hung with care by Billy Shire himself. Every piece of work carefully laid out to create a beautiful flow. Welcome to COVENANT!

As an artist myself I enjoy scrutinizing the heck out of other art to see what kind of materials, and techniques were used. Taking in the pleasure that comes from just looking at a new solid composition or ideas that makes me say, “Man that is cool, I wish I thought of that”. I must say that Steven really did a great job with these paintings. This was definitely his best work yet. ‘The Widow’ was my personal favorite. I really enjoyed how the elements of the composition were laid out and a very soft, but dark palette was used. There was a lot of depth and I could tell that Steven really put his all into this one, and made one of those very iconic paintings that will burn a vivid and lasting image into peoples brains.

As I continued to check out the work I saw painting after painting that was very well done and I felt good for Steven and his accomplishment. There were hundreds of people in this 20×20’ish space and they all seemed very excited to be there for it. Steven and his band of well dressed and tatt’d up goth dudes were having a great time. Many of his peers were there to enjoy the show as well, like Tara McPherson, and Gary Baseman, myself and my wife (who also know Steven personally), along with many entertainment industry professionals that Steven has worked with.

After spending an hour or so in the gallery I had to make a break for the door to get some air, but not without gettin’ a look around the rest of the gallery where they were also co-showing work by the 1950’s book illustrator Charles Binger, Tammi Otis, and Howard Hallis as well. These artists were also showing some very impressive works that are definitely worth checking out this month.

The show runs now through January 30th and from what I gather there is still original artwork to purchase. If you think you can’t afford it think again because many of Steven’s works range from 100-500 dollars!
Steven Daily @ La Luz de Jesus

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    […] I did a little write up on my experience attending Steven Daily’s, ‘Covenant’ Art show opening at La Luz de Jesus Gallery Jauary 7th. You can read it here on […]

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