“The 13th Hour” at Last Rites Gallery

A new group show at the Last Rites Gallery opens this Saturday, October 18th. The show features work by” “Carrie Anne Baade, Saturno Butto, Scott G Brooks, Vincent Castiglia, Christopher Conte, Molly Crabapple, Jason D’Aquino, HR Giger, Fred Harper, Michael Hussar, Eli Livingston, John John Jesse, Kris Kuksi, Hiroshi Kumagai, Craig LaRotunda, Michael Mararian, Christian Van Minnen,Lithium Picnic, Anthony Pontius, Paul Rumsey, Xris Smack, Martina Secondo Russo, Chet Zar & more.”

What a killer show, the works should be online this Saturday to view. I popped in a few preview images from the show, in order they are Chet Zar “One Eyed Jack”, Michael Hussar “Modern Devotional” & Inky Dreadfuls with “Children of the Night”.

Last Rites Gallery

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