“The Mad Potters Tea Party” @ Strychnin gallery

This past Friday, February 4th, Strychnin Gallery opened of the more unique shows I have seen in a while. “The Mad Potters Tea Party” features custom designed ceramics from over 100 international artists. Limited edition plates, teapots, vases, teacups and saucers created by artists such as Chris Mars, Ray Caesar, KRK Ryden, Caitlin Hackett, David Stein, Seymour, David Stoupakis, Camilla d’Errico, Kristen Ferrell, Bethany Marchman, Jason Jacenko, David Hochbaum, Saturno Buttò, Martina Secondo Russo, Ver Mar, Scott Holloway, Edith Lebeau, Brian Horton, and many more. I thought it was a great idea when some limited edition cups and saucers were released by UK’s This is Limited Edition, and most of these sets of long since sold out. The ceramics seen here at Strychnin are far more limited and unique. Chris Mars for example has created some round, plate style paintings before (featured), however I was really surprised to see how amazing his works looks on a Durham vase and Teapot. Make sure you check out this show after you look at the preview images.

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