“Things to Come” group show @ Bold Hype Gallery

Bold Hype Gallery has just revamped their website. The design is clean, and very easy to move around. Along with this new site, there is also a group exhibition going on that is worth seeing. The show is entitled “Things to Come…”: Visions of the future, dark and bright, featuring the work of 25 artists such as Doug Boehm, Chris Buzelli, Paul Chatem, R.S. Connett, Brendan Danielsson, Bob Dob, Charlie Immer, Jason Limon, Dan May, Heiko Muller, Nathan Ota, Shaunna Peterson, Chris Ryniak, Scott Scheidly, Joe Scarano, Jim (Ojimbo) Sheely, Allison Sommers, Nathan Spoor and more. I really love the pianting by Charlie Immer (first), he has such an amazing ay of painting something so morbid, but so colorful and almost happy at the same time.

Bold Hype Gallery

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