“Toys!” show at Gallery 1988 now online

playtimesover.jpgThe “Toys!” show that is going on at the Gallery 1988 in LA is now online for your viewing pleasure. All art inspired by the toys of our youth, if your that old, and also some customs celebrating Hot Wheels 40th.

Some really great art is in this show. I’m particularly fond of Camilla D. Errico’s paintings and those by Scott Scheidly, Johnny Crap, Davey Wong, Casey Weldon and of course those artists that were shown on the Creep Machine at one point such as Jim Harker, Allison Torneros, Lindsay Carr, Mark Brown & Shannon Bonatakis.

It’s a great show that brings up a lot of memories. I really hope they make a print of the Anthony Clarkson “Playtime’s Over” painting (shown). That “My Pet Monster” looks like he’s ready to bring the pain.

Check out the show here: Toys @ Gallery 1988

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