“TrainWreck” show at Copronason Gallery July 14th

Coming up this Saturday is the “TrainWreck” show at the CoproNason Gallery. The show will feature work by Paul Chatem and Nathan Fox. It opens the 14th at 8pm and then runs until August 4th.

I have seen Paul Chatem’s work in person and he has a really great style, very narrative where the story will run from piece to piece.

At the same time the group show “Next Gen” will also start. It has the same running time, and will feature such artists as: Ron English, Luke Chueh, Chet Zar, Dave Burke, Naoto Hattori, Kris Lewis, Dan Quintana, Joe Vaux, Kukula, Travis Louie, Brandi Milne and many others. Looks like its gonna be a huge show.

Here’s the homepage of the two artists for the “TrainWreck” Show.
Paul Chatem
Nathan Fox

Also, you can take a look at a preview of what Paul Chatem will be showing there. Looks like some amazing pieces, his work is getting more and more amazing every show.
Paul Chatem, “TrainWreck” preview

Mark Weston also has some pics of the show:
Mark Weston pics

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