Under the Influence: Beastie Boys show now online

The Beastie Boys theme art show “Under the Influence” opens at the Gallery 1988 in LA tonight. The show features a whole mess of artists creating art inspired by the band. The show is now online to view, or order art if you wish. Along with original art there is also a good amount of limited edition prints made for the show.

There are some really great artists in the show such as: Ken Garduno, Tom Haubrick, Matt Dangler, Aaron Jasinksi, Andrew Hem, Michael Page, Alex Pardee and the three shown below, Dave Macdowell, Casey Weldon and Chris Murray. Dave’s painting is of course amazing as usual, the colors and textures in Chris’s and Casey’s Biz Markie with the Ted Nugent shirt and energy beam shooting mouth is too much.

Check out the show here: Beastie Boys Show


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