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Artist Profiles: Erin Mulvehill

I have been meaning to add some more photography posts to the site, and am happy to show the work of Erin Mulvehill to kick it off. Currently living in New York, Erin is a graduate of Syracuse University and holds a B.S. in Photography. She states that “my work aims to explore the human connections and subtle nuances that whisper into the ear of our every day.” She has a few series of works on her site, along with some external projects she is working on such as The Camera Project. It was her “underwater” series that really got me hooked on her photography. Each one of these photos is captivating and haunting, you don’t get a clear image of the figures but the emotion they display is very clear.

Head on over to her site to see the full series and the rest of her work: Erin Mulvehill Photography


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