Preview: “Wayward Fairy Tales” group show @ Modern Eden

Opening this Saturday, March 10th from 6-10 PM is a new group show entitled Wayward Fairy Tales. Curated by Jeff Felker and Glenn Arthur, this show will feature work by Jason Levesque, Leilani Bustamante, Chelsea Greene, Glenn Arthur, Kelly Castillo, Ahren Hertel, Aunia Kahn, and Jeff Felker. Each artist will be presenting their rendition of classic fairy tales. We’re all used to the “happily ever after” ideal, but this show will set out to prove that “beautiful tragedies” can be just as amazing. This exhibition runs until April 7th, so if you can’t be there for the reception make sure to stop by when you can.

Modern Eden Gallery

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Preview: Ken Keirns “Quietly” @ Rotofugi

Opening this Friday, March 9th at the Rotofugi Gallery is the latest solo exhibition from Ken Keirns. Entitled Quietly, this is the fourth solo show Ken will have the gallery; the previous one pretty much sold out each time. The reception is from 7-10 PM if your in the area, and the show runs until April 1st.

Rotofugi Gallery

Preview: Dark Pop 4 Group Show @ Last Rites Gallery

Opening this Saturday, March 3rd, is the 4th annual Dark Pop group exhibition at Last Rites Gallery. This year the show is curated by Gary Pressman and has a very impressive list of artists; Alexandra Pacula, Ana Bagayan, Annie Owens, Becca, Brian Despain, Cathie Bleck, Charles Wish, Chrystal Chan, Dark Vomit, Dave MacDowell, Eric Alos, Eric Richardson, Francesco De Molfetta, Isabel Samaras, Jennybird Alcantara, Joe Vaux, John Brophy, Mark Elliott, Mark Garro, Mascorro, Matt Dangler, Matthew Grabelsky, Niagara, TIN, Travis Lampe, Travis Louie, and Yoko d’Holbachie. This year has some amazing pieces in it, such as Black End by Joe Vaux, Enlightenment by Chrystal Chan (one of three she has in the show), and Witching Hour by John Brophy. If your in the area make sure to stop by for the reception from 7-11 PM. Otherwise take a look at the preview images and then head over to the site for more.

Dark Pop 4 @ Last Rites Gallery

Preview: “Femme Fatale” group show @ Cella Gallery

Opening this Saturday, February 25th at the Cella Gallery in Los Angeles, is a group show curated by Nicole Bruckman and Stephanie Chefas entitled Femme Fatale. Over 35 artists, each one inspired by the female figure, have come together to present artworks in a variety of mediums. Aaron Nagel, Apricot Mantle, Aunia Kahn, Casey Weldon, Cate Rangel, Chris Peters, Chrystal Chan, Dave MacDowell, Delphia, Edith Lebeau, Gail Potocki, Jason Rudolph Pena, JAW Cooper, Jeff Ramirez, Jessica Ward, JoKa, Ken Garduno, Korin Faught, Linnea Strid, Nom Kinnear King, Paul Chatem, Stella Im Hultberg, and on and on. This is bound to be an amazing show with such an impressive list of talented artists. Take a look at the preview below, and if your in the area be there for the reception from 7-11 PM.

Cella Gallery

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Preview: “Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams” by Sean Cheetham

Opening this Saturday, February 11th at the Katherine Cone Gallery in Los Angeles, is the latest solo exhibition by Sean Cheetham. Entitled Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams this new show features 16 figurative paintings. As stated in the press release, Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams is way of saying one should have the best of everything although we know that this isn’t always true, and quit often it seems like life deals out more black eyes than it does Mai tais (pun). The lead painting in the show (first below) shows the artist with a black eye and that overall look of weariness that comes with a life less than fantastic. This feeling continues through the works, as does the intense style of painting and color that Sean is capable of. For those interested in his painting process, there is some great videos on Youtube, and Artist Daily has a good article about his use of the “mud palette” here.

Sean Cheetham @ Katherine Cone Gallery

Tom Doyle’s “Unreal Estate” @ Spoke Art

Opening tonight, February 2nd, at Spoke Art in San Francisco is the first solo show of Texas illustrator and print-maker extraordinaire Tim Doyle. Entitled Unreal Estate, the show features prints based on locations found in pop culture such as Arrested Development, The Simpsons, Sopranos, and more. Along with the standard prints there will also be variants, and for those that started lining u early, there will be a a free print based on All in the Family given to the first 100 people. I imagine the line is already making its way down the street, so if you want to grab that free print, or just make sure you get one of the other prints head down there now. The reception is from 6-10 PM. Otherwise you can see the full show online over at Spoke Art. There is also a great writeup about the work in this show over at Nakatomi Inc.

Preview: “There Is Time To Kill Today” by Ana Bagayan @ Thinkspace Gallery

Opening this Saturday, February 4th at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, is a new solo show by Ana Bagayan entitled There Is Time To Kill Today. The show features ten new oil paintings, new drawings, and new series of charcoal works on canvas. I love the idea that there is a variety of mediums in this show, and even some really affordable drawings that will only be available the night of the reception from 5-8 PM. Here is what Ana states about this new series of works:

“Although theres no unifying theme to this show, the inspiration for the work comes from the metaphysical- ghosts, spirits, intergalactic space creatures, anything that hints at the idea that we are just a small part of the unimaginably vast universe. Some of the works are based on hypnosis sessions of people who believed they had been abducted by aliens. I’ve created human/alien hybrid creatures based on the experiences these people described. All of the works, I feel incorporate the inherent beauty of interpreting both the known and unknown.”

If your in the area, make sure to stop by the show and see these works in person. The full show is now online to view.
Thinkspace Gallery

Preview: “Ephemeral Antidotes” by Arabella Proffer @ Articulated Gallery

Opening this Saturday, January 7th at the Articulated Gallery in San Francisco is the latest solo show from Arabella Proffer entitled Ephemeral Antidotes. Back in 2010 Arabella was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and through the events that followed came up with the concept for this new show.

“After having a section of my leg removed, I began researching medicine from the Middle Ages through the 18th century; this series was a good way for me to work out my anger and be even more thankful that what I’m going through is nothing compared to old remedies and techniques. My art and interests were in the way society lived in the past, but with emphasis on the defiant, glamorous, and eccentric — not daily strife. You could have been rich, important, or beautiful, but if sick, you would still receive brutal or worthless treatment.”

Arabella is flying out from Cleveland and will be in attendance for the reception from 8 – 11 PM, and there is a good chance her new book The National Portrait Gallery of Kessa will be available as well so you can get one of those and have her sign it right there. It’s going to be an amazing show, and a great way to kick off a new year. Make sure you you stop by and check out the work, meet the artist, and have some fun. Below are three preview images of works that will be in the show, and each image has a short biography to go along with it.

Articulated Gallery

“An ambassador’s daughter with a passion for collecting, Gretchen’s menagerie was near complete when her father brought her the gift of a leopard cub from his travels. It was a sweet little thing, soft and playful, abiding to his mistress when she dressed it up in clothes meant for little boys. But, even the smallest of creatures will start to give in to their nature. It was thought that a flock of geese had spooked him during a game of fetch on the lawns. Gretchen was adamant the leopard knew not what he did, that his claws were bigger than his wits when he mauled her at the legs, dragging her before his final release. No potions, no humours, no herbs or witchcraft could save her. The legs would come off, and all one could do was pray. Pray for the surgeon, pray for the tools, and pray she did not die from enduring it all. Gretchen would never be same after that, lost to a world of darkness and time, languishing in bed, never speaking a word except a whisper to her pets.”

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Preview: Scott G Brooks and Fred Harper @ Last Rites Gallery

As the end of the year draws near, galleries and print shops are releasing some amazing work. One such example is the new show opening at Last Rites Gallery this weekend, December 3rd. Scott G Brooks will unveil his new series of paintings The Luckiest Widow In The World & Other Tales Of Misfortune, and Fred Harper will unleash 5 new paintings and 3 drawings in a show entitled Head Spin. This is bound to be a great show, both artists are very skilled with oils, and Scott G Brooks has some very large paintings and many of them have sold already. Take a look at the preview images and then keep your eyes on the site.

Last Rites Gallery

Preview: I See You See x Dan Harding and Joanne Augustine @ Articulated Gallery

Opening this Saturday, December 3rd, at the Articulated Gallery in San Francisco is a duo show with Dan Harding and Joanne Augustine entitled I See You See. The show is an exploration of inspiration, as Joanne’s photographs were taken by Dan and used as the basis for a new series of paintings. I have always been interested in the way that artists find inspiration, what draws them to create and what pushes them ever forward, and the idea that one artist was influenced by what another artist was influenced by is an amazing idea. The reception starts at 8 PM and will run until 11 PM, both artists have also flown out to San Francisco to be in person. This is a great opportunity to see some beautiful photography and painting in one place. Take a look at the preview images below, and then be there or wait it to show up online.

Articulated Gallery

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Megz Majewski, Jasmine Worth, Jason Hernandez, and Young Chun @ Cave Gallery

Opening, tonight, Friday November 11th, is a 4 person show featuring work by Megz Majewski, Jasmine Worth, Jason Hernandez, and Young Chun at the Cave Gallery. while the show does not have a set theme, looking at the work there is a “dark surreal” tone to it, and the four artists fit well with each other. I am always happy to see new work by Jason Hernandez, and love the fact that he is showing ink and painted works. This is the first time I have seen the work of Young Chun, and while I would like to see a bit more variety in the layout of the works, I do like the way the artist handles the paint. I am also open to the idea that this is a series of works which rely on the similar layout of each piece, so I am going to keep my eye on this artist to see what comes next. The show runs until December 3rd, so if your in the area make sure to stop by.

Cave Gallery

Preview: “Curious Pets” x Travis Louie @ Merry Karnoswky Gallery

Opening Saturday, November 12th at the Merry Karnoswky Gallery in Los Angeles is the latest solo show from Travis Louie entitled “Curious Pets”. These new works focus on not only the characters in the paintings, but their unusual pets as well. As always each painting comes with a story, and you can see a few of these over at Travis’ blog such as the hilarious story of Oscar and the Truth Toad(Ted) (shown first). We have seen Travis paint animal-influenced portraits before, but the idea of people and their pets is a new direction. Just by looking at the few preview images he posted on his blog, this show is going to be something you don’t want to miss.

Check out Travis’ blog here: Travis Louie Blog