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The New Thumbtack Press

Back when I was writing a weekly article for SFWeekly about prints, one of the shops that I featured quite often was Thumbtack Press. They had a good selection and great prices. The site dropped off for a while but is now back, with new ownership, a new design, and more artists. The new site looks amazing, and most importantly is easy to move around. You can easily look at the recent print releases, or check out the full gallery from a specific artist. There is also a good amount of variety, from artists like Bob Dob and Ken Keirns, to Peter Diamond, Casey Weldon, Heiko Mueller, Candykiller and more. With each print you have the option of choosing stretched canvas, framed print, or just the print alone, and each print has a choice of different sizes. Another great feature is the “virtual room”, so you can choose a size and see how it will relate a room and the article inside. Gives you a good idea of the size of the print and if you might want one a little bigger.

Take some time and check out what they have to offer: Thumbtack Press

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