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The Art of Laura Lucía Ferrer Zamudio

Laura Lucía Ferrer Zamudio (also known as Kikyz 1313) is an artist working out of Queretaro, Mexico. In 2010 she received her BFA from the University of Queretaro and has since been in a few solo and group exhibitions. Her drawings are created with graphite, ink, and sometimes a wash of color from maybe watercolors or watered down acrylics. The content deals mainly with the idea of humanity and death, and through Laura’s impressive drawing skills and use of texture as seen with the cross-hatching, each image is not only delicate but surreal.

If your like me and plan on keeping an eye on the work of the very talented Laura Lucía Ferrer Zamudio, make sure you check out her homepage which also has links to her tumblr and other social profiles.

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