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“Beyond the Boundaries” – Jason Hernandez @ Sacred Gallery

Opening this Saturday, June 4th at the Sacred Gallery in New York is a new solo exhibition from California based artist Jason Hernandez. This new body of work is entitled “Beyond the Boundaries” and as Jason states in the press release “demonstrates my fascination with mankind and the world of theoretical physics. I believe man has always been a curious creature. That curiosity has lead man to the furthest & darkest corners of the earth. We’ve made Earth our home, and in it we’ve shared our philosophies and sciences.” As with the previous work Jason has released, these new paintings and drawings have a very unique and mystical feel to them. A few the paintings are presented as small altar pieces, and go perfectly with his classical style of painting, of course with a modern spin to it. If you are in the area make sure to stop by, the show will be on view until June 30th.

Sacred Gallery NYC

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