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Genevive Zacconi & Ewelina Ferruso @ Copro Gallery

Opening this Friday, July 29th at the Copro Gallery is a duo show with Genevive Zacconi (interviewed) & Ewelina Ferruso. Entitled “Immaculate Deception”, this new show features all new works by the two artists and a group show, “Genesis to Revelation” that is also opening up. This group show will feature work by Chris Mars, Christian Van Minnen, Leslie Ditto, Naoto Hattori, Billy Norrby, Macsorro, Dave MacDowell, Charles Wish, The Pizz, Chrystal Chan, Kieth Weesner, Erik Also, Stephanie Henderson and more. For this post we are featuring a few images from the “Immaculate Deception” show. Both artist, Genevive and Ewelina have a great set of art. They are both highly skilled painters, and are a perfect match to be shown alongside each other.

Take a look at the show online: Copro Gallery

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