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Molly Crabapple’s “Shell Game”, engaging art from financial havoc

Back in October of 2011 I wrote “Political Art for Much Needed Time“, and touched on the idea of art that addresses many of the issues we deal with today. I love art that takes you away to another world, but I also firmly believe that we need art that can open our eyes to what is going on, and most importantly bring people together. I was happy to see that Molly Crabapple has a series of works that not only addresses the financial meltdown that is still raging on, but does it in a way that doesn’t come off like standard political art. Shell Game is an art show that takes inspiration from the financial collapse, and those that have stood up against the powers that set it in motion. For this show Molly plans to create 9, 6-foot tall paintings, and display them in a rented storefront fully decked out like a gambling parlor and invite the city and internet to come along. I really like the idea that a gallery will not be a part of this event, as stated by Molly “It doesn’t seem right to make an art show about the way financial elites screwed us up and only sell things that financial elites can afford. So I’m turning to you to create an art show that anyone can be a part of. ”

This is an amazing idea, and I hope one that inspires others to do something similar. Head on over to the Kickstarter page created for this project for more information, how you can help, and spread the word. Below is an image of the first painting in the series Great American Bubble Machine

Shell Game: An Art Show About the Financial Meltdown

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