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Photos: “Under the Gun” group show @ Articulated Gallery

It has been while since I have been asked to curate a show, and is something I would like to do more often. Articulated Gallery needed a show for the month of June and they asked me to whip together a quick group show, and since time was limited “Under the Gun” was born. The show features work by Chet Zar, Dan Harding, Jessica Ward, Apricot Mantle, Patrick Deignan, John Cebollero, Godmachine, Megan Frauenhoffer, Larkin, Jon Macnair, Jessica Stewart, and Cate Rangel. I am very happy with the show, and was also happy to have some new talent such as Jessica Stewart (featured) and Megan Frauenhoffer (featured) in the show. The show will be up until July 1st, so if you haven’t had a chance to stop by yet, make sure you do. Otherwise I took some photos and made a new video of the exhibition. Hit the link for the video and the rest of the photos.

Articulated Gallery

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