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    Interview: Christopher Ulrich

    Christopher Ulrich is an artist working out of Los Angeles, CA. His work is filled with surreal, iconographic imagery. Following his Demoneater, and Illuminator shows, Christopher will be opening his latest…

  • art featured

    Marco Mazzoni

    I first saw the work of Marco Mazzoni, currently based in Milan, Italy, last year and shortly after he made the cover of Hi Fructose magazine. It’s not often that you…

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    Stop SOPA

    One of the most amazing about the internet, is the ability to connect with people from all over the world. After just a few short years, I was blown away to…

  • artist news featured

    New work by Aaron Nagel

    Aaron Nagel is currently painting away for his upcoming solo show at Thinkspace, in which he will show 5 new paintings alongside Jennifer Nehrbass and Jeff Ramirez. I took a look…