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Preview: Chloe Earley & Ryan McLennan @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Opening tonight, October 20th, at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York is a duo show from two outstanding artists: Chloe Earley with Feathers and Wax and Ryan McLennan with his show Abominations. In Chloe Earley’s show she is focused on the idea of flight, with the figures in the work caught in a state of suspension, they are not falling or rising. I like the idea that while the figures are suspended in motion, the brush-work and energetic splashes of color that mark Chloe’s style give a sense of movement to the paintings. Each piece is dripping with color, well balanced, and gives your eye the impression that any moment the painting will start moving and break the tension. In McLennan’s show the works will deal with “universal questions, such as speculating on the existence of God and what it means to be moral.” The shows run until November 19th, so if you can’t make the reception you have some time.

Joshua Liner Gallery

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