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Preview: Krista Huot’s “Nepenthe” solo show @ Gallery 1988 SF

Opening this Saturday, January 9th at the SF location of Gallery 1988, Kirsta Huot’s latest solo show will open. This new exhibition is entitled “Nepenthe”, which is a Greek word that means “one (drug) that chases away sorrow”. It’s a great title for a show and fits Krista’s style and feel perfectly. Looking at the full preview (Here), the show is very strong. I absolutely love her color palettes and the way she handles that acrylic paint. The drybrushing technique she uses really helps to add depth to the work, and even gives her characters a glow. I can’t help but look at these paintings and wish that an animated movie by Krista was in the works. Along with the paintings there are also some drawings, studies for the paintings really. The drawings look great as well, you can see that she is not only talented with paints but pencils as well. If your in the area make sure you stop by the reception to see the works and possibly talk to Krista, I believe she will be there.

Head on over and check out the full show: Krista Huot “Nepenthe” @ Gallery 1988 SF


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