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Review: Alternative Press Expo 2010

Ryan De La Hoz and Double Punch Gallery

Once again, October comes and so with it the Alternative Press Expo. Besides the idea of Halloween approaching, the APE is the other event I always look forward to during this season. Rows and rows of tables filled with independent comics, zines, shirts, and most importantly (to me at least) original art and prints. The APE is a great place to score some art and prints, and you might also learn about some new artists. Along with all of the new artists hoping to get their work seen, there are some familiar names such as Josh Ellingson, Alex Pardee, Camilla d’Errico, Mats!?, Karen Hsiao, Danni Shinya Luo, Joy Ang, and many more.

There was something about this years event that wasn’t as fun as the last few years. Maybe it was just me, but the mix of repetitive themes, over-saturation of digital art, and the fact that the whole setup was different dragged it down a bit . They moved the festivities halfway down the Concourse this year, so instead of making your way around all of the booths in a nice snake-like pattern, there was a giant wall slicing the APE in half. It’s not like it blocked you from seeing all of the tables, but it did slow the flow down, and even gave you the impression that the event was not as large as it really is.

Jonathan Wayshak and Dave Correia had tables right next to each other, and both had these large displays with some original work right across from them. Not only did they have a nice variety of original work and prints, but both of them are outstanding artists and quickly reminded me why I love going to the APE. Dave Correia had this killer print inspired by the movie “The Thing”, it’s also for sale over at his website here: Dave Correia Prints. I’m not sure if it sold just before I got there, or before the event, but there was also this painting by Jonathan Wayshak that kills me that I missed (seen below). It’s a smaller print, and just has that amazing color and texture that got me hooked on his painting years ago.

Hi Fructose, Last Gaps, and Baby Tattoo also had some great setups. The latest book from Hi Fructose was there, as well as the deluxe version with the prints. Baby Tattoo had the “White Devil” postcards from Michael Hussar that sold out so quickly, and even some cards for his new book, which I am told will be out before the end of the year. I didn’t see many zine or comics that I caught my eye, but I did see a good amount of exhibition catalogs. There was quite a lot from Kent Williams, signed as well, so I made sure to snag one of those. Tom Neely had some great little comics and zines, one called “Henry & Glenn Forever“, which was a love story of Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins.

Anatomy Tools (formerly Freedom of Teach) was there again this year, and they had a whole mess of new things to gawk at. They released the new female model a while back, so it was nice to see that in person. The quality is amazing. They had some new heads, each one with a different expression, new sculpting tools, and some art instructions books and dvd’s from Glenn Vilppu. If I could, I would walk away with one of everything. I’ve always thought it was important, no matter what style you have, to understand anatomy in order to become a better artist.

The highlight of the day, was the work of Jennifer Hsiao. She was sharing a table with Danni Shinya Luo and Karen Hsiao, who as I write has a show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery. Jennifer had all these little etchings, and prints for sale, that were not only unique, but her style along with the price was too good to pass up. It doesn’t look like she has a website with her art yet, but I can guarantee you you will see her work showing up on the web very soon.

I’ll have some posts in the coming days that will feature some of the prints and artists I saw during the APE, but in the meantime head on over to the Creep Machine Flickr to check out the rest of the pics. Creep Machine @ Flickr

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