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Halloween 2010 Feature

Halloween is upon us again, one of my favorite times of the year. Not only is it filled with great memories of being a kid, eating too much candy and watching horror movies late into the night, but this season is when some of the creepiest art is made. This is the second year I have posted a Halloween feature, and hopefully this one is even better. Head on over to the feature page and see work by: Chris Murray, Charlie Immer, Apricot Mantle, Scott Move, Naoto Hattori, Jessica Ward, Dean McDowell, Esao Andrews, Brian Smith, Dennis Brown, Dan Harding, Ryan Heshka, Celene Petrulak, Adrian Borda, Ego, Buddy Nestor, Edward Frausto, Laurie Lipton, Dave MacDowell, Jehan Choo, Natalie Shau, Joshua Carlton, Dan Hipp, Dienzo, Sarah Joncas, Chet Zar, Chris Brodahl, JR Williams, Tom Haubrick, Nicole Absher, Larkin, and Nouar.

If there is any art you find creepy, that hasn’t been added to this gallery, add the link to the art in the comments.
Halloween 2010 Feature

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    Rhona Kemp
    Oct 14, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    GR8 site. I really like the prof. pic u chose as well.

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