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Travis Louie’s Curious Pets

Travis Louie will be opening an exhibit of new paintings at Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles this coming November 12. Travis got the idea for this show of people with their extravagant pets a few years ago when he spied a book on tarantulas in a pet store. For those of you who know Travis’s work well, you’ll likely understand why the image of the book’s author in the back, proudly displaying his blue ribboned tarantula whilst donning a dapper blue tuxedo, inspired an entire exhibit of work. This exuberant-looking author was quite a character!

Don’t fret, Travis is still depicting Victorian-era portraits; there will be no leisure suits in this show. Perhaps you will see a fly with people eyes or a giant truthsayer toad…but I’m not allowed to confirm any of that.

Curious Pets will be on view from November 12 – December 10, 2011 with an opening reception on Saturday, November 12, 8-11pm. Travis is extremely excited about this exhibition. If you live in Los Angeles, don’t miss it!

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