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    Two new prints by Michael Hussar

    Birdbath Publishing has just released two new prints by Michael Hussar. Its been quite a while since any new prints have been released, and these new ones are well worth the…

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    The Creep Machine on Facebook

    If you haven’t done so already, head on over and check out the Creep Machine Facebook page. Along with news featured on the site here, we also feature print releases, studio…

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    Stop SOPA

    One of the most amazing about the internet, is the ability to connect with people from all over the world. After just a few short years, I was blown away to…

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    New Sponsor – Bjorn Bauer

    I would like to introduce a new sponsor to the site, artist Bjorn Bauer. An artist working out of Oklahoma, Bjorn is also an art teacher at a high school. His…